Wildlife Rescue Center in Macas

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Volunteers get the opportunity to live and work directly in the Wildlife Rescue Center in Macas. You will take care of animals from the Amazon Rainforest and learn about different indigenous cultures from Morona Santiago. Experience life in the southern Amazon Rainforest that few get the opportunity to see.

Volunteer Responsibilities

You will be feeding different animals, like jaguars, tigrillos, monkeys, sloths, tapirs and birds. Maintenance, cleaning and constructing of the animal cages as well as clearing walking paths are further tasks.


  • Minimum stay for volunteering is one month.
  • Volunteers need to be at least 18 years to participate, unless accompanied by a relative.
  • Spanish is required, however, you do no have to be fluent to volunteer in the Wildlife Rescue Center in Macas.

Program Fee

The program fee is 300 USD per month.

Included in Program

Lodging in shared rooms with other volunteers and 3 meals per day.

Location and Free Time Activities

Macas is the capital of province of Morona Santiago and can be reached by bus from Cuenca in about 6 hours. In their free time volunteers can travel to the nearby jungle and visit communities during weekends, or go hiking and explore the exotic biodiversity of the area. In the city of Macas volunteers have access to internet, stores, and travel agencies, where they can also organize whitewater rafting, jungle tours, and trips to indigenous communities.

Background of the Project

One of the most threatened natural resources in the Amazon Rainforest is the wildlife, which can suffer from habitat destruction, unsustainable hunting, and traps set by illegal animal hunters. Orchids, parrots, monkeys, and more than 20 thousand exotic animal and plant species have distinguished Ecuador as one of the countries with the most biodiversity in the world. Imagine falling asleep to the sounds of jaguars and waking up to the caws of parrots and other exotic birds. Not only is all that a reality at the Wildlife Rescue Center, but you also get to hold and play with these animals and be responsible for feeding them. Who else can boast of such an experience?