Amazon Rainforest

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador tour a la selva tour in den RegenwaldYou can choose between trips to the lower and upper Amazon Rainforest. Morona Santiago is located in the upper southeastern Amazon region in Ecuador and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve lies in the northeastern part of the country. In Morona Santiago you can hike, go rafting, or participate in rituals in the land of the indigenous Shuars. In the Cuyabeno region you can stay in an ecolodge, enjoy kayaking on the lagoons and, if you’re lucky, see some big mammals. Finally, our newest tours are in the awe-inspiring Yasuní National Park, where you can stay at 4 and 5-star ecolodges while taking tours through one of the most biodiverse spots in the world. Take a look at our offers below and do not hesitate to contact us ( if you have any questions.

Different areas in the Amazon Rainforest Length of stay
Price range
DSCN1993Morona Santiago

Southern region

2 to 5 days
$190 to $450 per person
Tour/Rainforest/EcuadorCuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

Northern region

4 to 5 days
$290 to $450 per person
Tour/Rainforest/EcuadorYasuní National Park

Northern region

3 to 5 days $460 to $2699 per person