Tour to a Shuar Community

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

Be part of this amazing experience and interact with the Shuar community with our 3 day trip to the Amazon.  On this trip you will visit an ancient petroglyph site, various hikes in the primary forest, you can go tubing on a beautiful river and you will also enjoy a delicious BBQ. For more information about this tour, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Bird Watching Tour in El Cajas


Only 20 minutes away from Cuenca is the lower part of the Cajas National Park. It possesses a highly interesting mixture of habitats for birdwatching: well-preserved mountain forests, páramos, lakes, and pastures. The mountain toucan, Andean Guan, Masked Trogon, Turquoise Jay, various colorful tanagers and 12 species of hummingbirds and aquatic birds are among the highlights.  For more information, come by our office.

A Day in El Cajas National Park

Tour Cajas National Park

Enjoy nature in El Cajas National Park with our full day trip this weekend. Prepare yourself for all types of weather conditions as the weather in Cajas National Park can change between rain and sunshine. During the two breathtaking hikes of about 2 hours each, you can observe the special fauna and flora. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Tour to Loja, Zamora & Limon


An amazing 4-day trip where you will visit 3 beautiful places in the south of Ecuador. This tour will take you to see the Botanical Garden in Loja, the Podocarpus National Park in Zamora, the Ancient Petroglyphs in Limon combined with a visit to a Shuar Community. Our price will include transportation, meals, activities listed, accommodation in a hotel and a bilingual tour guide. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office from Monday to Friday.

1-Day Inca Trail – Saturday 2nd of September

Hiking the Inca Trail

This Saturday, enjoy the beauty of the Andes and take breathtaking pictures with our one day Inca Trail tour. We will start our hike at Lake Culebrillas. Along the trail you will be able to look at remnants of the Incas and the Cañaris. You will also be able to observe the daily life of the people living in the surroundings of our hike. For more information visit our website or come by our office.

Camping & Canyoning in the Amazon

Canyoning Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

Join us on our 4-day adventure trip to the Amazon in Limon. We start at 8 am in Cuenca, we will arrive at Limon at noon. After lunch, we will start to put our tent up near the Cascades Coloradas, and we will go for a walk in the primary forest. For dinner, we will have delicious BBQ with a campfire and we will have a free time to get to know everyone. On the second day after a big breakfast, we will get ready for our canyoning adventure in Cascadas Colordas, we will spend there most of the day. On the third day after a delicious breakfast, we will get ready to go to Rio Guayaquil Chico, where we will have lots of fun doing canyoning and going down natural rock waterslides. The next day after breakfast we will return to Cuenca. For more information about prices and date departures contact us or come by our office.

Hiking the Inca Trail – 1 day

Hiking the Inca Trail

We are looking for people who would like to enjoy the beauty of the Andes and discover archeological remnants with our Inca Trail tour. The Cañaris and the Incas used this path to communicate with the different populations of their immense territory. Our hike will start at Lake Culebrillas and it will end in the small village of San Jose. We will visit the ruins of Ingapirca before coming back to Cuenca. For more information about this tour visit our website or come by our office.

3 day Vacation on Morona Santiago

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

Enjoy wild nature and learn the culture of the Shuar people with our special 3-day vacation trip. The first day we will depart from Cuenca at 8:00 am and drive to Limon in the Amazon. After lunch, we will go to look at ancient petroglyphs and we will also do a special hike into the jungle. The next day after breakfast we will drive to Sucua in Macas to visit the Shuar Community to learn about their culture and medicinal plants. After lunch, we will drive to visit the famous Cueva de Logroño. On the last day, we will enjoy a canyoning activity in amazing waterfalls before coming back to Cuenca. For more information about prices and departure dates, please contact us.

3-Days Inca-Trail: 13-15 of May OR 2 – 4 of June 2017

Hiking the Inca Trail

Do you want to hike the Inca-Trail with us? We are offering a 3-day Hiking Tour on the footpath of the Incas. Our guide will pick you up in Cuenca and take you to a small town near Alausi where you start the hike. You don’t have to worry about carrying your stuff, donkeys will do that for you. Each day you walk around 6 hours. The nights you spent in tents in the wilderness of the anden mountains and cook your food on the campfire. Your last day will end up at the ruins of Ingapirca, where you will have a guided tour before going back to Cuenca. If you want more information, please visit our website or come into the office today!

Dec. 16th: 3-day hike on the Inca trail

Hiking the Inca Trail

This camping tour is a three-day hike following the Inca trail from Achupallas to Ingapirca. The trek will take you along highland landscapes ranging from 3100 to 4400 meters above sea level, through remote indigenous villages and pristine mountain lakes to the ruins of Ingapirca.

First day: The hike begins in the small village of Achupallas, which you reach around noon coming from Cuenca. After lunch you start walking. After about 4–5 hours of hiking you reach the spot to camp for the first night.

Second day: Today you will hike for about 6 hours passing the Tres Cruces Lake with wonderful views and then you go on to Paredones, a small collection of Inca ruins. By the shore of the Culebrillas Lake you will pitch your tents.

Third day: Your last day of hiking leads you on a descent of about 4 hours to the village of San José. From here you will be driven to Ingapirca. After a hot meal you can observe the Inca ruins and the museum. In the afternoon you return to Cuenca.