Cañari Community Day Trip

Tour Cuenca Canari Community

Be part of this cultural learning tour with an indigenous village in Cañar. You will learn their medicinal plants and their daily activities. You will also be part of their ritual “Greeting to Pachamama (mother earth)”. For lunch, you will share a delicious meal in a pampamesa with the people of the community. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Bird Watching Tour in El Cajas


Only 20 minutes away from Cuenca is the lower part of the Cajas National Park. It possesses a highly interesting mixture of habitats for birdwatching: well-preserved mountain forests, páramos, lakes, and pastures. The mountain toucan, Andean Guan, Masked Trogon, Turquoise Jay, various colorful tanagers and 12 species of hummingbirds and aquatic birds are among the highlights.  For more information, come by our office.

Ziplining in Giron

Tour to the waterfalls of Girón

Come and enjoy one of the largest ziplining in Ecuador. An awesome day trip filled with adventure in Giron. You will also visit the famous waterfall of Giron and the Museum of La Casa de Los Tratados. Our package includes transport, lunch, activities mentioned and a bilingual guide. For more information, you can come by our office from Monday to Friday.

Rock Climbing in Cojitambo

Natural Rock Climbing/Cuenca/Ecuador

You will do the activity on the volcanic hill Cojitambo only 30 minutes away from Cuenca in the county Azogues. Due to its ideal location in the Andes, the hill was used by the Cañari as a ceremonial center and later as a strategic rest site for military purposes. Today it is considered Ecuador’s most important rock climbing spot thanks to its archaeological relics and varied routes. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Day Trip to the Ingapirca Ruins


On our day trip to Ingapirca, we will visit the Santuario de la Virgen del Rocio in the small village of Biblián and on Sundays you will have the possibility to go to the Cañari market. In Ingapirca your guide will show you around this fascinating complex of the ruins. After exploring the archeological site and the surroundings to your heart’s content, you will enjoy a tasty lunch.

A Day in El Cajas National Park

Tour Cajas National Park

Enjoy nature in El Cajas National Park with our full day trip this weekend. Prepare yourself for all types of weather conditions as the weather in Cajas National Park can change between rain and sunshine. During the two breathtaking hikes of about 2 hours each, you can observe the special fauna and flora. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Train Ride to the Devil’s Nose

tour to the Devils Nose

If you haven’t visited the famous Devil’s Nose this is your chance. You will be transported to the small town of Alausi and take the morning train ride which is about 2 hours and a half. After the breathtaking ride, you will enjoy a delicious lunch in Alausi. On the way back to Cuenca you will also have the option to visit the archaeological ruins of Ingapirca. For more details, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Day Trip to the Cañari Community

Tour Cuenca Canari Community

Learn and be part of the Cañari culture with our trip to a small Community in Cañar. You will take a walk into their forest to learn their medicinal plants. They will take you to a sacred mountain where they do a ritual to mother earth and proceed to do a cleansing. For lunch, you will share a traditional and delicious Pampamesa with the people of the community. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Amazing Day Trip to Saraguro


We will start in Cuenca around 8 in the morning. Upon our arrival, you will interact with the community and see their agricultural cultivation. One of them is an Agave, from which they make a Tequila-like drink. You will learn how they collect the liquid of the plant and get to know the different steps of the Tequila production. After a delicious lunch, you will have time to take a look at the local handicrafts before you return to Cuenca. For more information visit our website or come by our office.

Artisan Villages Day Trip

Tour to the Artisan Villages

If you haven’t visited the popular Artisan Villages this is your chance. We will start in Cuenca around 8:30 am. We will visit three different towns where you will be able to see how gold and silver jewelry is made and also guitars. You will also visit a weaving workshop where you will see how they weave different products with their special technic called “Ikat”. Before coming back to Cuenca you have an option to visit the beautiful Orchids Farm. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.