Napo Wildlife Center

image002image001The Napo Wildlife Center offers a 4- or 5-day experience focused primarily on wildlife. From seeing hundreds of multi-colored birds at clay licks to birdwatching from the observation tower or watching monkeys on a canoe ride, this trip will throw you into the incredible biodiversity of Yasuní National Park like no other.

Additionally, the 16 luxury cabins that the Napo Wildlife Center has to offer are 5 out of 5 stars–all include a king-sized and twin-sized bed, private bathrooms (with hot water), private balconies, 24/7 electricity powered by solar panels and silent power generators, mosquito nets, and ceiling fans, as well as unlimited availability of potable water. At the main lodge you’ll find a boutique, a library, a restaurant, laundry service, and an observation tower among the amenities.

Below, you can take a look at the tours we offer with the Napo Wildlife Center:

Premium Tour

Extended Stay

Birdwatching Tour