Napo Cultural Center

image007The new Napo Cultural Center combines exploration of the Yasuní National Park with education about and engagement with the indigenous Añangu community. As you will see, the prices are more affordable than the nearby Napo Wildlife Center, because the program is new and hoping to attract new visitors, so now might be just the time to go!

The 12 comfortable 4-star cabins are decked out with 24/7 electricity, ventilation, private bathrooms, private balconies, hammocks, and are surrounded by beautiful natural gardens. The lodge also has unlimited potable water, common areas and a restaurant.

The following are possible itineraries with the Napo Cultural Center:

Itinerary Yaku Kausay (3 days)

Itinerary Sumak Kausay (4 days) 

Itinerary Sumak Huasi (5 days)