Friday: Day trip to the Devil`s Nose and Ingapirca

tour/Devils Nose/train ride

If you haven’t been on Ecuador’s famous train this is your time. Take a ride on one of the worlds most difficult train track to build. The tour starts in Cuenca at 7 am. The train ride is about 2 hours of fun and enjoying amazing landscapes of the Andean mountains. After the ride, you will have a delicious lunch. On the way back to Cuenca, you will stop in Ingapirca to look at the ruins and get to know the history behind it. You will be back in Cuenca at 7 pm. For more information about prices visit our website or come by our office.

Visit the Artisan Villages

Tour to the Artisan Villages tour pueblos artesanales tour Kunsthandwerksdörfer

First we will stop in the small town of San Bartolomé, where you can observe the process of making guitars. Then, we will visit Chordeleg, which is famous for its traditionally-made jewelry of fine gold and silver, where you can stroll along the main road and plaza and visit the many jewelry shops. Afterwards, we will visit a silversmith and you can watch him creating this fine jewelry art work. Then you pass Gualaceo to get to a weaving workshop. For more information take a look here or contact us via

Adventure in the rainforest

Canyoning Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

We will go canyoning, caving and rafting. And you will also visit a Shuar community in the middle of the rainforest. This will be the adventure of your life, let us know, if you want to join:


Cañari Community Day Trip

Tour Cuenca Canari Community

Be part of this cultural learning tour with an indigenous village in Cañar. You will learn their medicinal plants and their daily activities. You will also be part of their ritual “Greeting to Pachamama (mother earth)”. For lunch, you will share a delicious meal in a pampamesa with the people of the community. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Tour to a Shuar Community

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

Be part of this amazing experience and interact with the Shuar community with our 3 day trip to the Amazon.  On this trip you will visit an ancient petroglyph site, various hikes in the primary forest, you can go tubing on a beautiful river and you will also enjoy a delicious BBQ. For more information about this tour, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Bird Watching Tour in El Cajas


Only 20 minutes away from Cuenca is the lower part of the Cajas National Park. It possesses a highly interesting mixture of habitats for birdwatching: well-preserved mountain forests, páramos, lakes, and pastures. The mountain toucan, Andean Guan, Masked Trogon, Turquoise Jay, various colorful tanagers and 12 species of hummingbirds and aquatic birds are among the highlights.  For more information, come by our office.

Expedition to Cueva de los Tayos

Cave Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

This exciting adventure to the mythical Cueva de Los Tayos is located in a Shuar community in Limón Indanza and the entrances are within the rainforest. This cave tour is physically very demanding and includes extreme sports, so it’s important to be healthy and in good shape for this expedition. For more information about this trip, you can visit our website or come by our office for a further explanation.

Ziplining in Giron

Tour to the waterfalls of Girón

Come and enjoy one of the largest ziplining in Ecuador. An awesome day trip filled with adventure in Giron. You will also visit the famous waterfall of Giron and the Museum of La Casa de Los Tratados. Our package includes transport, lunch, activities mentioned and a bilingual guide. For more information, you can come by our office from Monday to Friday.

Rock Climbing in Cojitambo

Natural Rock Climbing/Cuenca/Ecuador

You will do the activity on the volcanic hill Cojitambo only 30 minutes away from Cuenca in the county Azogues. Due to its ideal location in the Andes, the hill was used by the Cañari as a ceremonial center and later as a strategic rest site for military purposes. Today it is considered Ecuador’s most important rock climbing spot thanks to its archaeological relics and varied routes. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Adventure in Macas

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador tour a la selva tour in den Regenwald

In this amazing 3-day tour, you will go to a Cacao Farm where you will learn about growing cacao plants, harvest the fruit and roast cacao beans yourself to grind them up into self-made chocolate. You will also visit a small Shuar Community in the middle of the rainforest where you can enjoy traditional Shuar dances and music. You will also have a chance to look at extraordinary animals like jaguars and other wild cats, as well as parrots, monkeys, sloths, and tapirs, to name just a few. If you need more information about this tour, you can visit our website or come by our office.