Day Trip to the Cañari Community

Tour Cuenca Canari Community

Learn and be part of the Cañari culture with our trip to a small Community in Cañar. You will take a walk into their forest to learn their medicinal plants. They will take you to a sacred mountain where they do a ritual to mother earth and proceed to do a cleansing. For lunch, you will share a traditional and delicious Pampamesa with the people of the community. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Tour to Loja, Zamora & Limon


An amazing 4-day trip where you will visit 3 beautiful places in the south of Ecuador. This tour will take you to see the Botanical Garden in Loja, the Podocarpus National Park in Zamora, the Ancient Petroglyphs in Limon combined with a visit to a Shuar Community. Our price will include transportation, meals, activities listed, accommodation in a hotel and a bilingual tour guide. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office from Monday to Friday.

Amazing Day Trip to Saraguro


We will start in Cuenca around 8 in the morning. Upon our arrival, you will interact with the community and see their agricultural cultivation. One of them is an Agave, from which they make a Tequila-like drink. You will learn how they collect the liquid of the plant and get to know the different steps of the Tequila production. After a delicious lunch, you will have time to take a look at the local handicrafts before you return to Cuenca. For more information visit our website or come by our office.

Artisan Villages Day Trip

Tour to the Artisan Villages

If you haven’t visited the popular Artisan Villages this is your chance. We will start in Cuenca around 8:30 am. We will visit three different towns where you will be able to see how gold and silver jewelry is made and also guitars. You will also visit a weaving workshop where you will see how they weave different products with their special technic called “Ikat”. Before coming back to Cuenca you have an option to visit the beautiful Orchids Farm. For more information, you can visit our website or come by our office.

Fly above the Andes

Paragliding in Cuenca

Enjoy an amazing view of the Andes mountains with our paragliding adventure. You can do this activity every weekend, you will fly with an experienced instructor. For more information visit our website or come by our office from Monday to Friday.

Ayahuasca – Special Offer for $200


Enjoy our special offer for a two-day Ayahuasca tour in the Amazon. We will meet at 7 am in Cuenca and start our journey to this special experience. After the arrival, you can watch the preparation of ayahuasca and also take a walk in the jungle around the community. The session will be at night in the community hut. The next morning we will go to a small river nearby to celebrate the cleaning ritual. You must be aware that it requires physical and spiritual preparation in advance, you can visit this site to learn more. You can also visit our website to know more about this tour.

Day Trip – Canopy in Giron

Tour to the waterfalls of Girón

If you like zip lining you are going to love this tour. We will do Canopy in one of Ecuador’s largest zip lining. You will also have the chance to visit the waterfalls of Giron and visit the museum of La Casa de Los Tratados which is near by. A delicious lunch is included as well. If you need more information you can contact us or come by our office from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. We are located in Honorato Vasquez & Hermano Miguel.

3 day Adventure in Limon

Caving Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador tour a la cueva en la selva Höhlentour im Regenwald

Come with us and enjoy our 3 day trip to the Amazon where every day you will do a different and fun activity. The first day after our arrival, we will do some canyoning in amazing waterfalls located in the rainforest. On the second day after a delicious breakfast, we will depart to a cave. Within the obscure cave you can see an underground river and a waterfall, so don`t forget to bring flashlights. After lunch, you will then be introduced to the rafting equipment and get on the boats. On our last day, we will visit a Shuar Community in the jungle and you can enjoy some of their traditional dances and a delicious meal before heading back to Cuenca. For more information please visit our website or come by our office.

Full Moon Horseback Riding – September 7th

Full Moon Horseback Riding tour in Cuenca

On the 9th of September, we offer the next Full Moon Horseback Riding Adventure. The tour starts at 4 pm from our office, from where you are going to take our private transport to the hacienda. Then you will pick the horse you are going to ride and after getting it saddled you start your ride through the night. After the adventure, you will take part in a fire ceremony, have some cheese and traditional Andean food as well as a glass of wine. Horses are limited, so let us know soon if you want be part of this experience.

Temazcal in Sigsig


Temazcal it’s a traditional healing ceremony where you combine natural elements like fire, water, earth and air. The name Temazcal comes from the indigenous language of Mexico, Temaz meaning bath, and Calli meaning house. The preparation will start around 1 pm and the ceremony will begin at 3 pm. You should bring a towel, bathing suit, warm clothes and some fruits to share. For more information about prices please contact us or come by our office.