Ecuador-Rundreise nur für Frauen

Wir bieten vom 19.11. bis 02.12.2017 eine Ecuador-Rundreise nur für Frauen an! Dabei kommt es zu authentischen Begegnungen mit Frauen vor Ort, es wird abseits vom Massentourismus gereist und deutschsprachige Reiseleiterinnen begleiten die kleine Gruppe von max. 12 Frauen.

Tour in Ecuador

Ecuador ist eines der vielfältigsten Länder Südamerikas. Von kolonialen Städten sind Sie schnell im dichten Regenwald, wo Sie die Tier- und Pflanzenwelt bei Wanderungen und Bootstouren erkunden. Besuchen Sie im Andenhochland kleine Dörfer und genießen Sie den Blick auf schneebedeckte Vulkangipfel. Auf Märkten beobachten Sie das bunte Treiben und entspannen in heißen Thermalbäder.

Hier finden Sie die komplette Programm mit Preis und Leistungen.

Frühbucherinnen erhalten 4% Rabatt bei Buchung bis zum 31. Juli 2017!

Day-Trip to Ingapirca: Sunday, April 30th

Tour to Ingapirca Tour in Ecuador

We offer our trip to the ruins of Ingapirca this Sunday, April 30th. After pick up in Cuenca you stop at the church in Biblian, where you have a nice view over the valley. Afterwards you drive on to Ingapirca. Our guide will take you through the ruins and will tell you all about the history of this ancient place. After the tour you will enjoy a tasty lunch before driving on to the Sunday market of Cañar where you can soak up the regular Sunday hustle and bustle of trading and buying fruits, veggies & animals. You are back in Cuenca late Sunday afternoon. Come to the office today our tomorrow to book it. More information you can find on our website.

Friday, April 28th: Devil’s Nose & Ingaprica

tour/Devils Nose/train ride

We end the week of April with our day Trip to the Devil’s Nose train and Ingapirca. Enjoy a wonderful car and later train ride through the anden mountains with wonderful views. After departing Cuenca in the morning you head to Alausi where you board the train. From there you take the historic train to the small town of Simbabwe, where you get to enjoy some ritual dances and music and the famous Devil’s Nose. On the way back to Alausi you can say goodbye to the train tracks. Once back in Alausi you will enjoy a tasty lunch and head on to Ingapirca, where our guide will explain you everything about the history of that unique place. You will arrive back in Cuenca late in the day.
For more info visit our website! Come to the office as soon as possible to book a good seat at the train.

Jungle tours over the long weekend

tours/amazon region/Ecuador

Do you want to get out of the city for the long weekend? How about you go and explore the jungle in Morono Santiago? We have different tours that go there. Want to meet the Shuar Community and learn about their belives? Than our Shuar-Tour would be best for you!

Rafting Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

Or shall it be a bit more adventurous? Than the Canyoing, caving & rafting – Tour is the best for you! You will have an adventure of a life time deep in the jungle!

Check out our website for other Tours that might interest you or come by our office today! Discover the most biodiverse places on our planet!

Day Trip to Cajas National Park, April 25th

Tour Cajas National Park

On Tuesday we offer our trip to Cajas National Park. After pick up in Cuenca you will head to the first hike around the laguna. There you have a beautiful scenery and the chance to see different birds. After that, the guide drives you to the viewing point where you have a nice view over Cajas. That is of course, if the sun is out 🙂 The second hike will take you to the Polylepis Forest. During the hikes you have the chance to see plants that are endemic to Cajas National Park. For more information visit our website or come to the office to book today!

Special Offer – Day Trip to Saraguro: Sunday, April 23rd


This Sunday, April 23rd we have a special offer for you! We are heading to Saraguro. Saraguro is home to an indigenous group who maintains many of its original traditions and ways of life. You will visit the community of Gera. In the laid back atmosphere you interact with the community and see their agricultural cultivations. One if them is the Penco, a Agave, from which they make a Tequila-like drink. You will learn how they collect the liquid of the plant and get to know the different steps of the Tequila production. For lunch you have traditional food in the community and can taste the Tequila. In the afternoon you will visit a viewpoint where you can enjoy the natural scenery. There will be time to take a look at the local handicrafts before you will go on to a cave and a waterfall and then return to Cuenca. The trip will start around 8.30 a.m. and you will be back late afternoon. The cost is $ 75 per Person including transport, english speaking guide & lunch. Come to the office today our tomorrow to book! As of now you can also pay with credit card! See you!

Devil’s Nose & Ingapirca: Wednesday, April 26th

tour/Devils Nose/train ride

A week from today we are offering our trip to the Devil’s Nose! Enjoy a drive through the anden landscape before boarding the tren in Alausi. From there, the train takes you to the Devil’s Nose, before stopping in Simbabwe, where you get to enjoy some indigenous dancing and music. After returning to Alausi you will enjoy a tasty lunch and drice on to Ingapirca. Once you arrives the ruins you will have a guided tour and learn all about the history of this unique cultural heritage site. Come to the office as soon as possible to reserve some great seats on the train. For more information visit our website.

Laguna de Busa & Waterfalls of Giron, Saturday April 22nd

Tour to the waterfalls of Girón

Don’t spent your Saturday on the sofa or in front of the TV! Go out explore and discover! The hike to the Waterfalls of Giron & the Laguna de Busa will show you the beauty of the anden nature! During the two hikes you get to discover different plants and might the the one or other bird. You will have a wonderful day out in nature, with a good workout for your whole body! For more information visit our website, or come to the office today to book!

Ruins of Ingapirca, Wednesday, April 19th


This Wednesday we are heading to Ingapirca. After pick up in Cuenca our guide will take you to the small church of Biblian where you have some time to take a look at the beautiful church. Afterwards you are driving cross country to the ruins of Ingapirca. During the guided tour you will find out all about the history of this cultural heritage site. You can find more information on our website. Come in the office to book today!


Day Trip to Cajas National Park: Monday, April 17th

Tour Cajas National Park

Next Monday, April 17th we are heading up to Cajas National Park. Enjoy a day out in nature, exploring different plants and animals. Take hikes around the Lagoons and through the Polylepis forests all guided by an english speaking tour guide. After the hikes you will strengthen your self with a tasty lunch before heading back to Cuenca. Read more on our website or come to our office today or tomorrow to book today.