July 30th: 2-day trip to the rainforest

P1020296Saturday we go on a 2-day trip to the Amazon rainforest. The first day you will hike along a redwater river and see some waterfalls on your way. On the second day we will visit a Shuar community in the middle of the rainforest. After a hike to a sacred waterfall which ends in the Zamora river, you can enjoy a traditional meal prepared by the Shuar. Before saying good-bye the Shuars show you the village and their gardens. Write us for more information!

Whale watching in Puerto López

humpback-whale-436120_960_720 We offer a 4-day whale watching trip to Puerto López and surrounding areas on August 15th. A visit at a Cacao farm, day trip to Isla de la Plata with whale watching, lunch, snorkeling, guided hike of the island, a visit to the small community Agua Blanca with its sulfur lagoon and a canoe ride through the mangroves is included next to accommodation with breakfast and transportation. Please write us for more information: info@arutamecotours.com

Galapagos Cruise Last Minute Offer

NEMO 30We have a great offer for a 8 day cruise on the Galapagos Islands on board of the Yacht Angelito starting on 31 July 2016 for only 1800 US$ per person:

1. Sunday: Baltra – Las Bachas
2. Monday: Mosquera – Cerro Dragon
3. Tuesday: Tagus Cove (Isabela)– Punta Espinoza (Fernandina)
4. Wednesday: Urbina Bay – Elizabeth Bay
5. Thursday: Punta Moreno – Navigation to Villamil with Wale Watching
6. Friday: Puerto Villamil: Sierra Negra: hike to the Crater– Giant Tortoise Breeding Center
7. Saturday: Floreana: Punta Cormorant – Corona del Diablo – Post Office Bay – Puerto Ayora
8. Sunday: (Daphne Panoramic) – Baltra

Write us if you are interested in this or other cruises on the Galapagos Islands: info(at)arutamecotours.com

Wednesday and Thursday: Full Moon Horseback Ride

fogata MRCome on our next Full Moon Horseback Riding Adventure. Our tour starts at 4 PM from our office. At the hacienda you will pick the horse you are going to ride. Then you start your ride through the night. After the adventure you take part in a fire ceremony, have some cheese and traditional Andean food as well as a glass of wine. Horses are limited, so let us know, if you want be part of this experience!

Aug.,11th: 4-day Cave Expedition!

PromoThis is an exciting adventure expedition to the mythical Cueva de los Tayos (“Cave of the Oil Birds”). The cave was made famous through an expedition in 1976 which included astronaut Neil Armstrong. It is located in a Shuar community in Limón Indanza and the entrances are within the rainforest. The entrance we use is a 65 meter deep hole leading to 5 kilometers of passages and a spacious chamber. Read on here.

NEW: Round Trip Ecuador!

P1160734The country on the equator provides a selection of countless activities. Enjoy the Andean highlands with its beautiful colonial cities Cuenca and Quito, the culture of Cañari and Inca, the National Park Cotopaxi and the volcanic lake Quilotoa. At the end of the trip, you will get to know the Indian market of Otavalo. Find out more about this 10-day round trip here: Exploring Ecuador’s Highlands – Nature and Culture