Sunday: Day trip to Ingapirca


Our guided tour to the largest Inca ruins in Ecuador starts at 9 am. On our way there, we will visit the Santuario de la Virgen del Rocio in the quiet village of Biblián and in Ingapirca your guide will show you around this fascinating complex of ruins, whose stone structures surround the prominent circular sun temple. After exploring the archeological site and the surroundings to your heart’s content, you will enjoy a tasty lunch. Find more information here.

Thursday: 2-day trip to the southern Amazon region

Tour to the Rainforest in EcuadorWe have our next 2-day trip to Morona Santiago starting on Thursday. Only 3 hours from Cuenca you can enjoy a beautiful hike in the rainforest along a stream with an amazing redwater waterfall. In the afternoon you will have the chance to observe the Andean cock-of-the-rock, Peru’s colorful national bird. The second day we will drive to a small Shuar community in the middle of the rainforest. We will walk through the Shuar community to get to know different plants and their use, visit a waterfall and have a traditional meal prepared by the Shuars. Let us know, if you would like to join:

Dec. 16th: Expedition to the Tayos Cave

Cave Tour to the Rainforest in EcuadorOn December 16th we will start an exciting adventure expedition to the mythical Cueva de los Tayos (“Cave of the Oil Birds”). The cave got famous through an expedition in 1976 which included astronaut Neil Armstrong. It is located in a Shuar community in Limón Indanza and the entrances are within the rainforest. The entrance we use is a 55 meter deep hole leading to 5 kilometers of passages and a spacious chamber. With a group of 6 persons going the price is $400 per person. Take a look at the itinerary here and write us, if you want to sign up:

22nd of Nov: 4-day Paddling Adventure in Cuyabeno

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador  Tour to the Rainforest in EcuadorEnjoy the amazon rainforest without engine noise and have a special adventure paddling with canoes through the flooded Amazon jungle. You will see amazing wildlife like monkeys, birds, snakes (anacondas, if you are lucky), sloths and whatever the jungle will bring. There is also an exciting night walk awaiting you to find huge insects like tarantulas, lobster grasshopper, frogs and reptiles. Look at the full itinerary here.

Fridays and Sundays: Tour to the Artisan Villages

Tour to the Artisan Villages

Our tour to the charming Artisan Villages starts at 9 am. First we will stop in the small town of San Bartolomé, where you can observe the process of making guitars. Then, we will visit Chordeleg, which is famous for its traditionally-made jewelry of fine gold and silver. There we will also visit a silversmith and you can watch him working on the fine jewelry. Our last stop is Bulcay, where you will find skilled weavers who produce different products like scarves using a special “ikat technique” to pattern textiles. If you like, we can also stop at the Orchid Farm before going back to Cuenca.

Friday: 3-day trip to the southern Amazon rainforest


This Friday Arutam Ecotours we’ll be heading to the Amazon rainforest, just 3 hours from the city of Cuenca in Morona Santiago. You will walk along a stream with redwater and amazing waterfalls. At the end of the day you will see a group of the impressive birds Cock-of-the-Rock. We will also visit a site with ancient petroglyphs and produce fresh sugarcane juice. On the last day we will visit a small Shuar community in the middle of the jungle, where you will be part of a cleaning ritual and can taste a traditional meal. For more details, please contact us at info(at)

Train Ride to the Devil’s Nose and Ingapirca

train ride to the Devils Nose

Join us the next Wednesdays for a trip to the Devil’s Nose! Your three-hour train ride will take you through some of the beautiful sights of the Andes mountains, with a stop to see indigenous dances included. But your day doesn’t end there! Next you’ll head to the largest and best-preserved ruins site in all of Ecuador – Ingapirca! For more details on the Devil’s Nose/Ingapirca tour, please see here.

Saturday, 12th: Full Moon Horseback Riding

Luna llenaOn November 12th we offer the next Full Moon Horseback Riding Adventure. The tour starts at 4 PM from our office, from where you are going to take our private transport to the hacienda. Then you will pick the horse you are going to ride and after getting it saddled you start your ride through the night. After the adventure you take part in a fire ceremony, have some cheese and traditional Andean food as well as a glass of wine. Horses are limited, so let us know soon if you want be part of this experience.

Special: 3-day trip to Baños de Ambato

P1160434 P1160397This is an adventure trip to Baños de Ambato to enjoy the amazing waterfalls, the swing that will give a good adrenaline kick and ziplining over canyons for even more fun. The price is $280 per person (all included), if 3 person sign up. Possible starting date is between 28th of October and 4th of November. Write us, if you want to go on this great trip: info(at)