Day Trip to El Cajas National Park

Tour Cajas National Park

Join us on our trip to El Cajas National Park to discover and enjoy natural surroundings with your friends or family. You will have the chance to admire different fauna and flora and amazing lakes, you will also pass by the Polylepis forest, also called paper trees. The price for this trip includes a delicious lunch in Cajas as well as the transportation and a bilingual tour guide. For more information visit our website or come by our office.

Day Trip to Saraguro


Visit the community of Gera and learn about their culture and be part of their daily activities. You will learn how they collect the liquid of a special plant and get to know the different steps of their own Tequila production. For lunch, you will have a traditional food and you can also taste the Tequila. You will enjoy a lot of natural sceneries and depending on the weather you will visit a waterfall near by before coming back. For more information visit our website or come by our office.

Galapagos Islands Cruise

sanjose Cruise on the Galapagos Islands Kreuzfahrt auf den Galapgos Inseln crucero en la islas Galapagos

sanjose Cruise on the Galapagos Islands Kreuzfahrt auf den Galapgos Inseln crucero en la islas Galapagos

Take a Cruise in the Luxury San Jose Yacht, which is one of the larger yachts with a capability of 16 passengers, guaranteeing an experience of a life time. They will take you to exclusive routes to discover the most exceptional places of Galapagos with activities like hikes, inflatable dinghy-rides, snorkeling, as well as interesting visits to giant tortoise breeding projects and more. The departure dates are every Tuesday and  Friday. Visit some of the most impressive visitor sites in the Galapagos Islands. For more information about prices and date departures contact us or come by our office. 

Paddling Trip in Cuyabeno


We are putting together a group for a 4-day adventure in the Amazon. Enjoy amazing landscapes and sunsets in the jungle as you make new friends. You will have a chance to see the amazing wildlife of Cuyabeno like monkeys, birds, snakes, sloths, pink dolphins and more. Each day you will do different activities like bird watching, night walks, swimming, ca learning about Siona community and spending time with them. Contact us or visit our website for more information, you can also come by our office in Cuenca.

Train Ride to the Devils Nose & Ingapirca Day Trip

tour/Devils Nose/train ride

Come to our day trip tour where you will board a train in Alausi to the Devil’s Nose. The train ride is for about two hours and a half,  where you will have amazing views of the Andes mountains. After the ride, you will enjoy a delicious lunch in Alausi. You will stop to visit the famous and archeological Ingapirca Ruins before coming back to Cuenca. For more information visit our website or come by our office.

Extreme Sports in the Amazon

Rafting Tour/Rainforest/Ecuador

If you are looking for some adventure in the wild, come with us to our 3 day trip to the Amazon where we will do activities like canyoning in an amazing waterfall, caving, where you can see an underground river and a waterfall, and after we will do rafting on the Upano River. You will have a chance to visit a hot spring and share a meal with the Shuar Community. You will also visit a breath taking waterfall which the Shuar still use for their mysterious rituals. Visit our website for more information, or come by our office.

Biking to Ingapirca

Biking tour to Ingapirca tour en bicicleta a Ingapirca Radtour nach Ingapirca

This is an adventure tour especially for those who love to exercise in bicycles and explore. We will start biking near the town of Biblian. There will be a lot of up and down hills and we will also pass by through some tunnels. Enjoy amazing landscapes of the Andes as you ride by rural villages and farms, and you might also get to see Cuenca from a far. If you want to know more about this tour contact us or visit our website.

Visiting the Cañari Community


Get to know the Community of Kushiwaira in the province of Cañar. With our 8-hour day trip, you will learn more about their culture, daily activities that you can take part of like helping with the crops. You will learn about their medicinal plants that they have been using for centuries. They will also take you to their sanctuary where they do their rituals in honor of Pachamama. This trip includes a delicious lunch that is prepared with their own products by the community people.  To learn more about this trip visit our website or come by our office.

Visit the Shuar Community in the Amazon

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

Enjoy nature and visit the Shuar Community in Limon. The first day after lunch, we will go for a small hike through the jungle to a beautiful waterfall. The second day we will go to a site with ancient petroglyphs and produce fresh sugar cane juice ourselves. We will have lunch on the riverside and in the afternoon you can also swim in the river and have fun going tubing. The last day we will walk through the rainforest to reach a waterfall, which the Shuar use for their rituals and also enjoy a traditional meal prepared by the Shuar people. If you want more information about this trip, visit our website or come by our office.

Day Trip to the Artisan Villages – July 16

Tour to the Artisan Villages tour pueblos artesanales tour Kunsthandwerksdörfer

This Sunday take a trip to most popular villages around Cuenca. Watch how they make guitars, jewelry and weave different products like scarves. The tour starts at 9 am in Cuenca. We will drive to three different towns and as we drive we will also enjoy beautiful landscapes. Our package for this day trip includes lunch, transportation, and a bilingual tour guide. For more information visit our website or come by our office.