Tomorrow: Tuesday, February 21st CAJAS National Park

Tour Cajas National Park

Tomorrow we offer our tour to Cajas, after pick up in Cuenca we drive up to Cajas where we will do two hikes around different ecosystems. You will get to see birds and plants that are unique to this area. After the hikes you can refuel on a tasty lunch before heading back to Cuenca. Here you can find more information! Come join us!

Last Minute Ingapirca or Cajas

Tour Cajas National Park

Don’t have any plans yet for Sunday? How about some culture or Nature? We can offer you to choose from two different tours to spice up your weekend!
Either you decide to go to Ingapirca and enjoy a guided tour through these amazing ruins and afterwards you take a stroll through the Sunday Cañari Market, or you visit the amazing Cajas National Park! While hiking through the Parámo you will discover plants and birds you have not seen before!

So come in today to book your trip for Sunday! We are looking forward to meet you!

Ingapirca & Cañari Market

Tour to Ingapirca Inca ruins Ecuador

This Sunday, February 19 th we offer our trip to Ingapirca and the Cañari Market. After your pick up in Cuenca our driver takes you to the wonderful church of Biblian. From there we head to the ruins of Ingapirca through the country side, where you can enjoy great views. Once we arrive at the ruins our guide will take you through them and tell you all about the history of this cultural place. After a tasty lunch you start the trip back to Cuenca, where you will stop at the lokal Sunday market in Cañar. More information you can find here!

Best Tour Company GringoPost 2017

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador

Thank you very much on all people that voted for us on “Best of GringoPost 2017“! We and our guides will continue to provide the best work and are looking forward for you to join us on our unique tours!



Sunday Trip to El Cajas

Tour Cajas National Park

Come with us and see what El Cajas National Park has to offer! We will be venturing on 2 different trails at various altitudes which shows off the beautiful lagoons, vegetation, fauna and llamas exclusive to this region. After our hike showing off the beautiful scenery of this region, we will have a very delicious lunch. For more information please visit our link here.

Paraglide: Fly through the Andes!

Paragliding in Cuenca

Would you like to see the Andes from another perspective? Want to see it how the birds see it? Well then come on and fly high with us! You will fly with an instructor, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the view over the mountains! Visit this link here to get more information and come by our office to book this unique experience.

Tuesday, February 14th Trip to Cajas

Tour Cajas National Park

Take a trip to the wonderful El Cajas National Park. Once we leave Cuenca, we will be doing 2 hikes on 2 different trails which showcase the beautiful lagoons, vegetation, fauna and llamas exclusive to this region. After our hike on various altitude points showing off the beautiful landscape, we will have a very delicious lunch. For more information please visit our link here.

Sunday, February 12th: Ruins of Ingapirca & Market in Cañar

Tour to Ingapirca Tour in Ecuador

This Sunday, February 12th you have the chance to visit the ruin of Ingapirca with us! After leaving Cuenca we will stop at the little town of Biblian to take a look at the wonderful church there. Afterwards we are heading to Ingapirca where our guide leads us to the ruins and explains the history of this special place. After a tasty lunch we make a stop at the Sunday Market in Cañar before heading back to Cuenca. For more information please click here.



Saturday: Full Moon Horseback Riding Adventure

Full Moon Horseback Riding tour in Cuenca

On the 11th of February we offer the next Full Moon Horseback Riding Adventure. The tour starts at 4 pm from our office, from where you are going to take our private transport to the hacienda. Then you will pick the horse you are going to ride and after getting it saddled you start your ride through the night. After the adventure you take part in a fire ceremony, have some cheese and traditional Andean food as well as a glass of wine. Horses are limited, so let us know soon if you want be part of this experience.

Thursday, 9th: Ingapirca

Tour to Ingapirca Tour in EcuadorCome along with us and check out the beautiful historically rich ruins of Ingapirca, the most important ruins here in Ecuador. We will also stop in the small town of Biblian to get a feel of the indigenous culture here in the Andes region. For more information please check out our link here.