Cuyabeno Ecolodges

Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador Tour to the Rainforest in Ecuador tour a la selva tour in den RegenwaldThe ecolodges we are working with in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve aim to minimize the environmental impact of your visit by using solar energy and responsibly disposing of waste products generated from tourist visits. The tour also includes a visit to the Siona indian community, who are supported by your visit.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

The Cuyabeno Reserve has been a protected area since 1979 and one of the main objectives of the Cuyabeno Reserve is the continuous conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem. This reserve consists of rivers, lagoons, flooded forest, and is characterized by its high biodiversity. In the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve there are 10 monkey species, 4 caiman species, 590 bird species, 167 mammals, 90 amphibians, 90 reptiles and hundreds of insect and spider species, along with an incredible record of 307 tree species per hectare. There are two seasons, dry and rainy. Access to the lodges is by fluvial (river) transport offered by the local indigenous communities and coordinated by the lodge, as well as a highly trained and accredited naturalist guide.

Name of the Lodge Length Price
4 days

5 days

$ 290 per person

$ 330 per person

Siona hutsSiona 4 days

5 days

$ 320 per person

$ 380 per person

Cuyabeno5Paddling Adventure

min. 5 people

4 days $ 310 per person