Friday: Day trip to the Devil`s Nose and Ingapirca

tour/Devils Nose/train ride

If you haven’t been on Ecuador’s famous train this is your time. Take a ride on one of the worlds most difficult train track to build. The tour starts in Cuenca at 7 am. The train ride is about 2 hours of fun and enjoying amazing landscapes of the Andean mountains. After the ride, you will have a delicious lunch. On the way back to Cuenca, you will stop in Ingapirca to look at the ruins and get to know the history behind it. You will be back in Cuenca at 7 pm. For more information about prices visit our website or come by our office.

Visit the Artisan Villages

Tour to the Artisan Villages tour pueblos artesanales tour Kunsthandwerksdörfer

First we will stop in the small town of San Bartolomé, where you can observe the process of making guitars. Then, we will visit Chordeleg, which is famous for its traditionally-made jewelry of fine gold and silver, where you can stroll along the main road and plaza and visit the many jewelry shops. Afterwards, we will visit a silversmith and you can watch him creating this fine jewelry art work. Then you pass Gualaceo to get to a weaving workshop. For more information take a look here or contact us via

Day Trip to El Cajas National Park

Tour Cajas National Park

Join us on our trip to El Cajas National Park to discover and enjoy natural surroundings with your friends or family. You will have the chance to admire different fauna and flora and amazing lakes, you will also pass by the Polylepis forest, also called paper trees. The price for this trip includes a delicious lunch in Cajas as well as the transportation and a bilingual tour guide. For more information visit our website or come by our office.

Train Ride to the Devil’s Nose & Ingapirca


Ecuador’s train is known for being one of the most difficult train track to build in the world.  Today there are many different routes to enjoy the ride with amazing landscape views and stops at small villages. If you are interested in taking a train ride, we offer you our tour to the Devil’s Nose and with the chance to visit the famous Ingapirca Ruins on the way back. If you want more information about this tour, visit our website or come by our office.

Day-Trip to Cajas National Park, Thursday May 4th

Tour Cajas National Park

Good day ya’all! Come join our trip to Cajas National Park! After pick up in Cuenca you will drive up to the Park where our guide will take you on two different hikes. The first hike is going around a laguna, where you get to see birds and different plants.  Afterwards you drive up to the viewing pint “Tres Cruces” and do the second hike through the Polylepis Forest. Once done hiking you enjoy a tasty lunch with fresh trout or chicken. You will be back in Cuenca later in the afternoon. For more info please visit our website!

Friday, April 28th: Devil’s Nose & Ingaprica

tour/Devils Nose/train ride

We end the week of April with our day Trip to the Devil’s Nose train and Ingapirca. Enjoy a wonderful car and later train ride through the anden mountains with wonderful views. After departing Cuenca in the morning you head to Alausi where you board the train. From there you take the historic train to the small town of Simbabwe, where you get to enjoy some ritual dances and music and the famous Devil’s Nose. On the way back to Alausi you can say goodbye to the train tracks. Once back in Alausi you will enjoy a tasty lunch and head on to Ingapirca, where our guide will explain you everything about the history of that unique place. You will arrive back in Cuenca late in the day.
For more info visit our website! Come to the office as soon as possible to book a good seat at the train.

Cajas National Park : Saturday, April 15

Tour Cajas National Park

This Saturday we are offering our Cajas Tour! Spend a couple hours hiking through that unique and wonderful National Park near Cuenca. Enjoy the wildlife and see colorful plants. After arriving in the Park you will take a hike around the lagoon, where you can discover many different birds. Than you will stop at the viewing point high up in Cajas, before doing a second hike through the Polylepis-Forest. Visit the homepage for more info, or come to the office to book today!

Sunday Trip to El Cajas

Tour Cajas National Park

Come with us and see what El Cajas National Park has to offer! We will be venturing on 2 different trails at various altitudes which shows off the beautiful lagoons, vegetation, fauna and llamas exclusive to this region. After our hike showing off the beautiful scenery of this region, we will have a very delicious lunch. For more information please visit our link here.

Paraglide: Fly through the Andes!

Paragliding in Cuenca

Would you like to see the Andes from another perspective? Want to see it how the birds see it? Well then come on and fly high with us! You will fly with an instructor, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the view over the mountains! Visit this link here to get more information and come by our office to book this unique experience.

Tuesday, February 14th Trip to Cajas

Tour Cajas National Park

Take a trip to the wonderful El Cajas National Park. Once we leave Cuenca, we will be doing 2 hikes on 2 different trails which showcase the beautiful lagoons, vegetation, fauna and llamas exclusive to this region. After our hike on various altitude points showing off the beautiful landscape, we will have a very delicious lunch. For more information please visit our link here.