Birdwatching in Cajas

Birdwatching Cajas

Only 20 minutes away from Cuenca is the lower part of the Cajas National Park. It possesses a highly interesting mixture of habitats for birdwatching: well-preserved mountain forests, páramos, lakes and pastures. The mountain toucan, Andean guan, masked trogon, turquoise jay, various colorful tanagers and 12 species of hummingbirds and aquatic birds are among the highlights. It is possible to have a combination of both areas of the park in a one day tour, and also to do a 2 day trip with an overnight at a local hacienda, or by the Cajas National Park refuge at Llaviuco Lake for a better chance to observe more species. Highland terrain elevations range from 3,000 to 3,200 meters (9800 to 10,500 feet), with mild cold and rainy weather.